2017: A Year of Possibilities

2017: A Year of Possibilities

A new year has arrived, and with that comes a time of reflection on the previous year. Many of us think back on the highs and lows, the best moments of the year, and what we would have done differently. Resolutions are frequently made to address the things we looked back on and felt needed improvement. These resolutions can be life changing, or, all too frequently, they fizzle out before the season changes and we’re repeating the mistakes of the previous year.

Intentions, Not Resolutions

The word “resolution” has developed a reputation as being something you either win or lose at. One misstep and it’s right back to your old ways. There doesn’t seem to be a way to course correct.

If you think about your goal as an intention, it changes your behavior long term. You can struggle, and even fail at moments, but that doesn’t mean it’s over. An intention has no expiration date, so keep going.

Resolutions are too easily broken. This year, don’t resolve to improve or change something. Intend to do it.

Choose Wisely

A new year inspires many of us to hit the reset button, but don’t overcommit. Deciding to improve your health, relationships, career, and financial situation all at one time will quickly overwhelm any person. Try focusing on the one area that will have the largest ripple effect.

Will improving your health give you more energy to excel during the workday and still enjoy time with your family?

Will finding a fulfilling career make you happier overall to positively affect your health and relationships?

Once you’ve identified what will have the largest impact, set the appropriate intention and start working.

Purpose and Intentions

For many of us, the thing we decide to change in a new year really comes down to what will make us happier. There is a direct correlation between following your passion and personal fulfillment. This year, take the time to not only reflect on the previous year, but also focus on your purpose and how it can be deployed moving forward.


A Place of Possibilities

Share On Purpose has long recognized the formula that intention multiplied by purpose results in fulfillment and success. We ensure each member of the Share family finds their purpose, then allow them the opportunity to chart their own career path doing work they love.

This year, we challenge each of you to skip the resolutions, and instead, focus on improving one area of your life that will bring you the most joy. Determine how you can apply your purpose to that area, and set the appropriate intention.

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.” -Oprah Winfrey

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