A Culture of Character

Building Culture Through Character

The culture at Share On Purpose is built on character and integrity, and every one of the employees and partners at Share represents those values, especially Sheila Taheri. A full-time engagement manager for Share’s Promote On Purpose and IGNITE On Purpose brands, Sheila evokes sincerity and honor with every action she takes — an understandable characteristic for someone with the middle name, Ameneh.

“Ameneh is Farsi and translates to trustworthy and sincere,” said Sheila. “Having that as my name has deeply influenced me as an individual. Everything molds who we are. I was given this name and it gave me direction. Being trustworthy and sincere is a big part of who I am, and that’s one of the great things about working at Share. Every one here is unique, but we all have that one same trait. We all have character. We’re all trying to do something meaningful for our clients and ourselves.”

Culture Builds Value

That shared value of honest representation is one of the main qualities that make Share an incredible place to work and a valuable partner to its clients. It’s that strong, positive culture that drives results and leads to employee and client satisfaction and profitability. It creates long-term value.

“Character shines through in everything we do at Share,” said Sheila. “When working with a client, it’s that true authenticity and deep caring that enables us to share. That’s why we have weekly meetings to say ‘this is what’s working and this is what isn’t working.’ We don’t try to hide what isn’t working. We actually talk about it at length so we can come up with adjustments, which means our clients usually learn a lot in the process, too. With each other, we do the same thing. If there’s an issue or if we have to have a difficult conversation, we don’t brush it under the rug. We come together, and we talk it through.”

CEO Terri Maxwell describes the company the same way, writing, “We [at Share] ask ourselves hard questions. We wrestle with both perceptions and reality to uncover truth, and we face facts even when it’s painful to do so.”

Character Builds Relationships

This organizational focus on honesty encourages support and communication among colleagues, as well as between Share and its clients. As more and more employees work from home, that sense of community is more important than ever.

“Even though we are primarily remote and don’t see each other every day, the relationship between us means that we immediately feel a connection the minute we see each other,” explained Sheila. “It goes back to character being a window. It gives you a view into another person’s soul, into who they truly are.

“Here at Share, everyone really cares about the success of everyone in the organization. Everyone takes the time to care about what is going on with everyone else, both in their personal lives and within Share. When we’re talking together, someone always asks, ‘How are you doing on that new project? Can I help in any way?’ And that’s even if they aren’t on the project. They’ll still take the time to help. That’s the character of everyone in the company — even the new hires. They don’t just talk like they care, they act like they care. Having a company packed with individuals like that builds this amazing culture and an amazing company that has meaning and purpose and is truly trying to do something great.”

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Character is a Window

As we continue to explore the guiding principles Share On Purpose was founded on, January’s focus is perfect for 2018.

Our country and society have been encumbered with intense political and social strife. The best news about our present times is that deeply held truths have been unveiled and regardless how we feel about them, they are truths nonetheless.

That’s the funny thing about truth, it ALWAYS reveals itself over time.

Share On Purpose was founded at a time when I was seeking truth and alignment in every area of my life. I wanted my work to matter, and decided to risk everything to marry purpose with the pursuit of success.

The determination to align spiritual purpose with profitable business created a unique organization in which we serve THROUGH our work (purpose), and constantly work towards improving how we serve (which creates profits).

This higher level of service commitment is first to each other, and then to our clients. It is through this combination that we impact our community by using business as a force for good.

And it is also this worthy commitment to service that remains a constant reminder that character is a window, and we must walk the talk. All the time.

Every Share On Purpose brand started with a problem to solve.

  • Promote On Purpose uses authentic marketing techniques to revolutionize the way brands grow.
  • IGNITE On Purpose uses a Pay-for-Performance model to accelerate profitable growth of founder-led businesses.
  • Talent On Purpose uses the Four Forces of building a performance culture to transform companies into great places to work.
  •  Succeed On Purpose is a personal and professional platform that prepares individuals to Get Real, Be You and Have More.

Starting a business to specifically solve a problem means that service IS the foundation. We then train authentic leaders to run our brands, which is where this guiding principle comes in: character.

We ask ourselves hard questions. We wrestle with both perceptions and reality to uncover truth, and we face facts even when it’s painful to do so.

This commitment to character means that we will fire clients who treat team members poorly, and will conversely terminate team members who don’t care enough to serve each other, or our clients well.

We also admit mistakes as soon as we find them (which is never soon enough) and will change what doesn’t work.

We pick ourselves up when we fail, and use perspective to look for the good, in ALL things.

That’s the beauty of an authentic commitment to truth: it’s not about being perfect, but rather understanding that character is indeed a window, and we must walk the talk.

Working at Share On Purpose means that our leaders will fail, yet will admit it. We won’t be perfect but are committed to the pursuit of excellence. We will question everything because we want to win at serving, rather than selling.

We will appreciate your value frequently, yet communicate where you can improve. We will expect your best and accept your limitations. We will encourage you not to compare yourself to others, as we inspire you to become the best version of yourself. And we value the walk, more than the talk.

Ready for more? Come join us.