Our Country and Our Workplace

To Share On Purpose Associates:

Regardless of political preferences, it’s safe to say that all of us are worn out from the 2016 elections. In the aftermath of the final results, although a Republican won, our country did not win.

That isn’t because of who was elected, but rather because of the political strife that would exist no matter which candidate won. As I watched the protests erupt last night in over 25 cities, I know that same demonstration would have occurred if Hillary had won. 

And for that, I am deeply saddened.

As a business leader, I cannot tolerate hateful rhetoric being exposed on either side of the political aisle. If you’re connected with me on Facebook, you will see I am eager to strike a healing tone, because I believe that everything works toward a higher good, even when it’s dark. That is the only responsible way to lead during a time when nothing makes sense.

One of the things I am proud of is the inclusiveness and diversity in our portfolio. Regardless of your age, race, religion, gender or sexual preference, you are welcome here. You are safe to be who you are, as long as we collectively maintain an intense focus on serving our clients. We will not tolerate hateful rhetoric, nor should you.

For some, including myself as a gay person, we are once again under attack. For others, it’s the color of your skin, your religion, your nationality, and now unfortunately your gender as well. The reasons for these attacks have and continue to be, based in fear.

Although there is no excuse for this destructive rhetoric, all we can control right now is our own little piece of this world. Working together, we can create a better workplace for ourselves, right here and now. We must be the change we wish to see.

Regardless of how you voted, we must focus on what unites us. We must look for the good, even when it isn’t easy to see. For we cannot force people to be fear-less, we can only show them why they have nothing to fear.
So, do not be afraid. Although this will be an incredible test of our entire political system, including the Constitution (est. 1789) and Bill of Rights (est. 1791), I believe good always prevails and decency will return. In the meantime, let’s lean on each other.

Lastly, I ask that each of us work extra hard to release anxiety, fear and anger, as we support each other in creating a better world.

Let’s build a place where great people do great things.

Terri Maxwell, CEO
Share On Purpose Inc. (And It’s Portfolio Companies)

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