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Do you feel like you are destined for more? More success, more money, and more opportunity? Do you feel as if there are gifts inside of you, but none of the executives you work for can see it, or worse yet, even care? Do you just want your “shot”? Your shot at an opportunity, your […]

Performance Matters

Performance. It’s something every business needs, yet few attain it to the level they desire. It’s a word that leaders like to preach, but don’t always teach. Webster’s Dictionary defines “performance” as: The execution of an action; The fulfillment of a claim, promise, or request; As a CEO of multiple companies, I can tell you […]

Character is a Window

As we continue to explore the guiding principles Share On Purpose was founded on, January’s focus is perfect for 2018. Our country and society have been encumbered with intense political and social strife. The best news about our present times is that deeply held truths have been unveiled and regardless how we feel about them, […]

Together is More

Over the last few months, I’ve slowly introduced a few of Share’s Guiding Principles. Last month we discussed how to live in the AND while getting more out of life by combining work AND play. For December, I want to introduce another way to get MORE out of your career. Too often we try to […]

Work AND Play

Many adults grew up to believe we should operate from OR thinking. I can have cake OR ice cream. I can do what I love, OR chase financial success. At Share On Purpose we believe in AND. We believe you can do what you love AND accelerate career success. We also believe that you can […]

A Fit Organization

For job seekers evaluating a company, the guiding principles, as well as how these are used in business decisions, speak volumes about a prospective employer. Said another way, for you to “fit” a company’s culture, you must both understand these values and their importance to culture. The reason for this is that skills can be […]

Building a Performance Culture

Building a performance culture starts with understanding that employees desire to GET something from your organization, as much as they want to give their best. It’s a 2-way street, just like any other relationship. The mistake most leaders make is that they focus only on their half of the relationship, expecting, and in some cases, […]