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What IS a Better Career Anyway?

If you found this blog title interesting, you’ve probably thought about getting a better job or seeking a better opportunity.

The answer to the question “What is a better career anyway?” can be something different for everyone, and we want to help you define what it means to you.

If COVID taught us anything, it’s that life is too short to not live life on our own terms. The challenge is that “our terms” are unique to each of us.

For some, a better career means more money; others want more flexibility and others still crave meaning and purpose.

Since I started the Share On Purpose portfolio of companies after asking this same question myself, I want to give you more meaningful ways of thinking about what it is you want.

Too often, we don’t define what we want clearly, and then we get stuck with a slightly better version of our last job. Intentionality is the key to creating what you want.

Here are some ideas of what a better career might mean to you and some reflection questions to ask yourself:

  • Easier: Do you want work to be easeful? What does that mean? It could mean that you don’t have pressure or stress at your work, or that there’s not a boss micro-managing your work, or it could mean that you love the work so much, it doesn’t feel like work. Don’t settle for a weak definition of what you are looking for.
  • More Money: How much more? Why do you want more? What does it represent? For some, they want less financial pressure. Others want to afford more opportunity. And for others it is how they define success. What is your actual currency (that money can buy)?
  • Flexible work: What does that mean? Is it where you work (Location)? When you work (Schedule)? What you work on (Tasks & Responsibilities)? Do you want to become a Virtualpreneur™ working for more than one client, but you have to find the projects? Or, is it simply to be able to modify your schedule to fit your life and circumstances?
  • Exposure to a Great leader: Do you want to work for a great boss? If so, why? Is it mentoring you want, or training or coaching, or all three? Do you want to work for someone who you respect and who understands you and respects you? Why is this important? Why would a great leader want you on their team?
  • Feel successful: Do you like to win? Do you want to feel like you are good at something? Is it a sense of accomplishment? Do you want to achieve something, or get promoted? What does success truly mean to you?
  • Do work you love: This is a noble goal. But it may take trying different things to know what you actually love, much less why you love it? What have you tried that you loved? What was it that you loved about it? Did you love it because you were good at it or you were able to help someone? What kinds of things would you like to try and see if you’d like it?
  • Make a difference: What does making a difference mean to you? Is it global or interpersonal? Global like affecting world hunger or climate change? Interpersonal like bringing joy to people? Do you want to work for a place that values purpose and encourages you to explore yours?

As you can see, wanting a better job is more than just the thought of something better.

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