Share On Purpose Announces New Innovative Business Model and Leadership Development Program

The Company’s unique business model focuses on cultivation of purposeful brands, as well as a powerful leadership development program.

Share On Purpose, Inc. announced today the launch of its newly revamped business model and redesigned website. The new strategy includes The Share Cultivator™, which replaces its business incubator launched in 2010.

The company made a strategic business model shift in 2015 and began to develop purposeful concepts inside the company, launching them through The Share Cultivator™ system. In the beginning of cultivation, the company “imagineers” the brand and trains emerging leaders within the portfolio how to run a multi-million dollar company, as the new concept is being built. Share On Purpose currently has four brands launched under the direction its founder, Terri Maxwell.

In addition, the company is also launching Share School™, a comprehensive leadership development program to train associates how to become leaders and executives in one of the Share On Purpose managed brands.

“We look for professionals with a wide array of experience and passion who want to grow into senior management positions quickly. We are enthusiastic about the career opportunities available to aspiring leaders,” said Terri Maxwell, founder and CEO. “Share On Purpose is place of possibilities where you can create a career based on purpose and passion.”

The website provides a comprehensive understanding of the career opportunities for highly driven individuals with a desire to do meaningful work. The new website is located at:

“Our culture is amazing,” Maxwell said. “There is nothing else like it. We train team members to find their purpose and then teach them how to navigate toward a meaningful career in one of our brands. Our team members work side-by-side with executives as we build meaningful ventures,” Maxwell stated.

In addition, the company will soon launch The Share Spectulator™, which evaluates strategic investments in small mission-driven brands whose products or services make the world better, and whose founders were able to scale the concept to over $1 million in annual revenue.

“The blend of the Cultivator and the Speculator, combined with our ability to nurture innovative brands, gives us a unique business that provides rapid advancement opportunities for highly driven individuals. But, we also wanted to invest profits in concepts we didn’t create, with successful founders who fit our culture and purpose,” Maxwell added.

The Share On Purpose website will be updated on a regular basis with leadership and business articles from the company’s senior team and educational materials so visitors can learn more about the profitable ventures the organization supports. In addition, job seekers can learn about new positions available each quarter. For more information, or to apply for an open position, go to

About Share On Purpose™.
Share On Purpose creates, launches and invests in companies with innovative solutions that make the world better. Using The Share Cultivator™, we launch purposeful companies that transform industries and positively impact communities. Our culture supports leaders as they grow professionally and personally in the pursuit of success and meaning. Through our state-of-the-art training program, we train team members to work in and run these brands, while fulfilling their own career aspirations. For more information about working for one of our brands, visit

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