Terri Maxwell’s purpose is to Inspire Potential. She is a change agent dedicated to the concept of Meaningful Money.

Terri is President and CEO of Share on Purpose, an investment and holding company responsible for launching dozens of meaningful ventures. In addition, she is the founder and CEO of Succeed on Purpose, a revolutionary training platform that teaches professionals how to turn their purpose into a career, and teaches entrepreneurs how to launch a purposeful business.

Terri also created a business growth strategy firm, IGNITE On Purpose, which specializes in $5-$50M owner-led firms who seek aggressive growth. In a career that spans more than 25 years, Terri has launched, owned, sold, re-branded or turned-around more than 40 brands, and now serves as a well-known consultant to entrepreneurs seeking meaningful money.

It’s not what she does that matters; it’s how she does it. Every business in her portfolio, as well as associates who work in her organization and the clients she serves, receives tireless passion, purposeful expertise and authentic servant leadership.