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The culture at Share On Purpose is built on character and integrity. We firmly believe you must be able to “walk the talk.” We look for this quality in each person who joins the team as well as the clients we choose to partner with.  Bob Prince, our Manager of Digital Media, is one such […]

2017: A Year of Possibilities

2017: A Year of Possibilities A new year has arrived, and with that comes a time of reflection on the previous year. Many of us think back on the highs and lows, the best moments of the year, and what we would have done differently. Resolutions are frequently made to address the things we looked […]

The Peace Pact

I’ve now participated in over 12 elections, voting for some democrats, as well as several Republicans. Each election was more contentious than the one before, as politicians fought over the 2-5% of the population that isn’t firmly entrenched and divided. This saddens me. There has to be a better way.  Maybe it’s not the politicians […]

Our Country and Our Workplace

To Share On Purpose Associates: Regardless of political preferences, it’s safe to say that all of us are worn out from the 2016 elections. In the aftermath of the final results, although a Republican won, our country did not win. That isn’t because of who was elected, but rather because of the political strife that […]